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Foshan dispatch of an electronic co., LTD. Is a company with audio and video technology as the core£¬Set of security monitoring¡¢Anti-theft alarm¡¢Intelligent community construction¡¢Multimedia conference room¡¢Sound engineering and digital display products such as landscape in the integration of private enterprises¡£ - a since its establishment£¬Continuously expand the market£¬Pursue perfection¡£With high technology development¡¢High quality products and perfect service system£¬In order to¡°Strives for realism the innovation¡¢Clients¡±For the service concept£¬In the fierce market competition continuously improve their innovation strategy£¬And has obtained the obvious advantages of status and achievements¡£Up to now£¬Many products are widely used in government agencies¡¢The financial world¡¢Educational circles¡¢Hotel¡¢Electric power system¡¢State-owned enterprises¡¢The private enterprise and other fields£¬And won the praise of the masses of users¡£       The company has a perfect service system£¬From the monitoring equipment sales¡¢Monitoring system solution design to the high quality...

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